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Chongqing Techxanadu industrial co., LTD. : is "made in China 2025" as the background, intelligent manufacturing and innovation-driven strategy as the guidance, composed of dongguan GoodMark inscription research industrial co., LTD. (guangzhou Ming group), shenzhen top design co., LTD. (wave group), the sharing of chongqing industrial investment co., LTD. (shapingba district government investment and financing platform) of the joint venture to build with precision mold manufacturing and product development as the core of innovative platforms. Chongqing open content industry at home and abroad to joint related industry resources, based in chongqing, southwest of radiation, think globally, to made "smart" as the vision, transformation and upgrading of power and manufacturing mould and die industry in chongqing, and to realize the change of elements from drive to innovation drive, from low cost competitive advantage to quality benefit of competitive advantage.